Creepy Candies 12x12 double-sided Halloween cardstock from Carta Bella Paper
12x12 Halloween cardstock with assorted candies, some of which feature funny, spooky faces - Carta Bella Paper
12x12 cardstock with diagonal, black and white gingham pattern - Carta Bella Paper

CREEPY CANDIES - 12x12 Patterned Cardstock - Carta Bella

Carta Bella
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  • Multiple colors - (Side A - assorted Halloween candies, some with spooky faces, on white background, Side B - black and white gingham pattern)*
  • Sold as single sheet
  • Weave texture, 80 lb felt cover cardstock
  • Printed on two sides
  • From Halloween Market Collection
  • Acid & lignin free
  • Made in USA
  • Carta Bella Paper CBHM121009

*Comparable color suggestions only - NOT exact matches

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