Grafix Shrink Film - six 8.5x11 sheets of clear shrink film
You can draw, cut and shrink your projects with Grafix Shrink Film
Example of cupcakes made with Grafix Shrink Film
Image shows relative before and after images of decorative cupcake made with Grafix Shrink Film
Examples of charms and craft projects made with Grafix Shrink Film
Comparative size of ruler after shrinking with Grafix Shrink Film
You can print on Grafix Shrink Film with printer
Instructions on how to use Grafix Shrink Film
Sheets of white, black, clear, and transparent matte Grafix Shrink Film
Six-pack of black Grafix Shrink Film
Six-pack of white Grafix Shrink Film
GRAFIX SHRINK FILM  - 8.5x11 Sheets - 6 Pack
GRAFIX SHRINK FILM  - 8.5x11 Sheets - 6 Pack

GRAFIX SHRINK FILM - 8.5x11 Sheets - 6 Pack

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Clear White Black Multi-Pack

Bake your art or use heat gun and watch it shrink before your eyes! The uses are endless!

  • Available in Clear, White, Black or Multi-Pack
  • Pack includes six 8½ x 11 sheets
  • Multi-Pack includes two (2) sheets each of Clear, White and Black
  • Shrinks to 20% of original size
  • Easy to cut with scissors, die-cut machines and punches
  • Decorate with permanent markers, rubber stamps and paint pens
  • Make jewelry, charms, gift tags, ornaments and more!

Make magic happen in your own kitchen! Grafix Shrink Film starts as a thin acetate that you can stamp, ink, color, and die cut. The magic happens when you pop it in the oven and it shrinks to 20% of its original size and hardens into a durable plastic.
Use Grafix Shrink Film to make your own handmade card embellishments, jewelry, gift tags and more. Create your own unique design with your papercraft tools. Though this makes a great craft for kids, adult crafters are using it to add elegant upgrades to their papercraft projects and create their own unique and personalized embellishments.

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