Foil Cardstock and Papers with Foil Highlights

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      Love a little sparkle and shine in your projects? This collection of foil cardstock and papers with foil highlights adds a bit of drama and elegance to your papercrafts. We love what happens when these papers catch and reflect the sunlight. Even simple backgrounds or titles get a major wow factor when cut from foil cardstock and papers with foil highlights. Choose from solid foil papers in the Bazzill Mirror Foil Board collection which come in a variety of colors and cut beautifully on your electronic cutting machine. Or, opt for Echo Park Foil Dot or Foil Stripe papers that have subtle foil highlights. These papers with foil highlights come in a variety of colors and are sold individually or as packs of six. There are even a few Christmas colored papers with foil highlights perfect for elegant Christmas cards. We’ve got a few other foil cardstock options and papers with foil highlights, so be sure to browse around a bit. You’re sure to find something special here!
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