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Shades of Gray Cardstock Collection

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      Smokey mystery will subtly envelope the craft project of anyone who opts to peruse the 12x12 Cardstock Shop's gray collection from Bazzill and American Crafts. From dusky silvered slate to military iron and pearly oyster; gray can pack a soft yet mighty punch to set off the palate of your crafting endeavors without risk of overpowering the carefully constructed balance. From the rugged organic tones of stone, granite, charcoal and ash; to the modern metallic shades of nickel, graphite, silver and zinc; this collection has everything you need in subtle softness and smokey calm. Lately there has been a popular movement in decorating with gray; traditionally the color of architecture - seen often as cold and industrial - and yet increasingly finding its way to contrast and compliment the warmth of our home decor.  All gray cardstock options are made by Bazzill and American Crafts with the top-quality dependable excellence crafters have come to know and expect. Grays are offered in the most popular 12x12 size, in 25 ct packs or single sheets for the smaller, more specific paper craft projects. American Crafts 12x12 Cardstock is archival safe, acid-free and dyed-through for pure color and durable quality.
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