Neenah Cardstock

With names like Terrestrial Teal and Venus Volet, you can’t help but be excited by all that this Neenah cardstock collection has to offer. Neenah is known for their popular Astrobrights collection which features the best bright and neon cardstock options in 23 vibrant shades. The Neenah Astrobrights collection is 65lb weight and sold in 8.5 x 11 single sheets. And coming soon to the Neenah cardstock family here at 12x12 Cardstock Shop are two new lines, Neenah Classic Crest and Neenah Granna Grossa. Both have been added as cardstock for stampers. Neenah Classic Crest is known for crisp lines and no-bleed coloring and Grann Grossa is a beautiful watercolor and letterpress paper. Both are sold in 12x12 single sheets.

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