Pop-Tone Cardstock and Envelopes

Smooth cardstock and invitation envelopes in trendy pastels and brights

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      Like your favorite ice cream shop full of pretty pastel flavors and brights sorbets, this collection of Pop-Tone cardstock and envelopes captures the trendiest colors all in one collection. This smooth 65 lb cover weight cardstock is great for die cutting, layering and creating paper flowers. The lighter weight means it has some flexibility for shaping, but it's also heavy enough provide stability to layers. Plus, the color goes all the way through, so you don't get white edges. The matching envelopes available in A2 and A7 sizes coordinate perfectly with the cardstock colors and provides a cohesive look for your handmade creations. French Paper Co Pop-Tone will become a go-to cardstock in your craft room.
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