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      So, you want to create something with sparkle, brilliance, and pizzazz? Look no further than brilliant Bazzill Foil Board and majestic Mylar to give your project the zest you’re looking for. There is a good reason that Bazzill rhymes with dazzle:  This gorgeous collection of foil board, cardstock, and Mylar sheets in matte, mirror, and pearl finishes will bring a sense of glamour and glitz to every project you use it for. We proudly offer 12x12 Bazzill Foil Board as well as Bazzill Mylar sheets in a variety of finishes and colors for several reasons: Quality Bazzill Cardstock is the standard bearer for foil paper, foil board, and Mylar sheets.  For twenty years, Bazzill paper sheets have been the industry standard for durable and beautiful cardstock, and revolutionized the scrapbooking community with their metallic foil paper offerings and metallic cardstock, which are as durable as they are beautiful. Beautiful Bazzill Metallics Nothing, and we mean nothing, compares to Bazzill’s metallic cardstock and foil boards.  The brilliance of the Bazzill gold foil cardstock continues to deliver the most shine and high quality sparkle for any scrapbooking or papercraft project.  Over the years, Bazzill added to the incredible gold foil paper, and gave birth to several other metallic cardstock options, including the very modern and chic rose gold cardstock and foil board.  Looking for all that metallic shine and glow for your project, but not wanting to use gold cardstock, silver cardstock, or rose gold foil board?  Bazzill also offers metallic finishes on a wide variety of colored foil papers and cardstocks.  Bazzill provides a 10k gold foil experience in dozens of colors and finishes. Perfect Pearl Finishes Not everything that glitters is gold, and never is that more obvious than with the Bazzill Mylar pearl shimmer paper and pearlized cardstock.  Delivering a feel of total opulence and luxury, this incredibly durable pearlized cardstock gives all the shimmer, glimmer, and beauty of the ocean’s most precious export.  Pearl cardstock is versatile and gorgeous, and Bazzill creates the most lifelike Mylar pearlized shimmer cardstock on the market. Variety Bazzill foil board and Mylar sheets come in a wide variety of colors and finishes.  For those looking for the classic gold metallic cardstock and mirror finish foil, they have it.  For those who want a colorful and vibrant pearl shimmer paper, they have that as well.  As a matter of fact, the strong and beautiful Bazzill cardstock comes in a wide variety of colors within each finish. The reality is, we are paper crafters, just like you.  We want your project to be as long lasting and beautiful as you do, and we fully believe the best way to achieve the outcomes your project deserve is to use the best products on the market – and that is why we proudly offer Bazzill products, both the metallic foil cardstock as well as the pearl shimmer Mylar paper.
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