Charcoal Dot 12x12 Pow! Glitter Paper has large, silvery glitter dots on charcoal glitter background - American Crafts

CHARCOAL DOT - Pow! Glitter Paper 12x12 - American Crafts

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  • CHARCOAL DOT (large, silvery dots on charcoal glitter background)*
  • Great for die-cutting
  • Get all of the glitter and none of the mess
  • Ultra-thin
  • Size - 12 by 12 inches
  • Acid free and archival safe
  • Sold as individually wrapped sheet
  • American Crafts 71528

POW! GLITTER PAPER is dazzling color like no other, cuts great in die-cutting machines, with little or no mess. Great for all types of crafting!

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*Comparable color suggestions only - NOT exact matches

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