Mirri H Gold Mirror Foil Board
Gold foil board with a reflective, mirrored finish. Two peppers sit atop the foil board and are reflected in its surface.
Christmas banner using Mirri H Gold Foil
paper pumpkin banner using Mirri H Gold Foil Cardstock
handmade safari banner with gold foil cardstock

GOLD Mirror Foil Board - 12x12 Reflective Cardstock - MirriCard H

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Single 25 Pack

This golden mirror board shines and reflects like freshly minted gold coins.
      • GOLD Reflective Mirror Board
      • Laminated on ultra-smooth white reverse
      • Available in 25 pack or single sheets
      • 12 x 12 inches
      • 12 pt - 270 gsm
      • Heavy, premium quality, metalized cardstock
      • Made in United Kingdom
      • Mirri H MRC270GL

Mirri H leads the way for brightness and reflectivity. The "H" stands for HIGH! This foil board is manufactured with an exceptionally high quality film and is one of the best foil cardstocks on the market. It cuts well on Silhouette and Cricut machines and provides just the right reflective cardstock shine plus added stability for whatever you are working on. 

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