The Sponge Dauber 6-piece pack is excellent for use on many surfaces such as paper, fabric, metal, plastic, and more.
SPONGE DAUBERS Applicator Tool - Tsukineko

SPONGE DAUBERS Applicator Tool - Tsukineko

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  • These daubers are small-sized Sponge Daubers (sometimes called finger daubers) that can be placed on your fingertip for maximum control.
  • Some of the many paper-crafting uses include applying paints with control, applying stains, perfect placement of dyes, Inks, applying liquid adhesives, and more; also, sponge daubers are excellent tools for stamping and stenciling
  • Each dauber measures 2.18 by 1-1/20 by 0.787-Inch
  • Easily cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner.
  • Package contains six sponge daubers.
  • TSUKINEKO Sponge Dauber-6pc. ST-DAB-006 

How to use sponge daubers?

Using sponge daubers is easy. One of the great ways to extend the use of an inkpad is with these unique crafting tools and techniques. Great for color edging, creating blended backgrounds on paper or a variety of surfaces, stenciling, and applying multiple colors to rubber stamps. 

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