MSB-20M ZIG Fine Point 2-Way Adhesive Pen
Kuretake ZIG 2 Way Glue Pen with fine point

ZIG FINE TIP 2-Way Glue Pen - Kuretake

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The glue is blue when wet and clear when dry. For a permanent hold, apply glue to one paper surface and adhere it to another paper surface. For a repositionable hold, apply it to a paper surface and allow it to dry clear before adhering it to the other paper. Acid free.

  • 2mm Fine Tip
  • Two way for two uses!
  • Dual action permanent and semi-permanent (tacky)
  • Tinted blue for application and dries clear
  • Acid free - photo safe - Xylene free
  • Made in Japan
  • ZIG MSB-20M
This versatile, color-changing formula works for both permanent and temporary bonding. Use when wet (blue) for a permanent bond or let it dry to clear for a temporary and re-positionable bond.

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