Bleach Stamping Technique For Cards

Bleach Stamping Technique For Cards


bleach stamping card technique

Bleach is not just for disinfecting in my house!  Try this cool bleach stamping technique for a cool color changing trick using 12 x 12 smooth Neutral Precision Cardstock pack by American Crafts.   

handmade cards stamped with bleach

First, emboss an image with embossing powder of your choice. I used white embossing powder on a few colors of paper to make it pop and then chose gold and silver on others for a monochromatic look.

bleach stamping technique

Next, take a small paintbrush, dip lightly into a bowl of bleach, and "paint" the image...and just watch the magic happen! The embossing helps keep the bleach from bleeding. It's amazing to see the color that the paper bleaches to. Darker colors have a more dramatic effect (like Denim and Charcoal) but the lighter colors (Stone) are just as pretty!  

bleach stamping technique

Give this a try on your next project for a totally unique and dramatic look!


design team member kate


  • Fran Kupsik

    I too wonder if t here is any bleach smell. Also, what happens to the envelope when the card is mailed. The results are beautiful.

  • Lois

    Is there any residue bleach smell on the project?


    Kate, These are just stunning and something I have NEVER heard of in my 25 years of scraping and card making. Thank you for sharing and I really enjoyed this. DT Christi

  • Beth Smith

    Super idea! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Elise Shuben

    Very cool idea. They look great!

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