Apple Gift Card Holder DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift

Apple Gift Card Holder DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift


apple gift card holder for teacher

Hi everyone, it’s April from Lilacpeaches Handmade. I’m going to show you a quick way to create gift card holders out of cardstock. A lot of times, gift cards seem like thoughtless or impersonal gifts (even though we know they’re not), so wrapping them up in a handmade package makes them extra special.

For this project, I created an apple gift card holder for a DIY teacher appreciation gift. You can use whichever die cut you’d like to give your gift a personal touch that doubles as a keepsake to save!

assembling a teacher appreciation gift


assembling a teacher appreciation gift

Assembly Process

For size reference, I used an apple die cut and sized it to 6.8" in height. I cut an additional apple with the stem removed to give the card weight and dimension. I also cut a rectangle and sized it at 2.75" in width by 3.75" in height. Add the recipient’s name or whichever embellishment you choose to the front of the apple.

creating a teacher appreciation gift card holder

Next assemble the apple pieces and adhere the two apples together. I used a little foam tape to give my apple a little dimension.

making a teacher appreciation gift

Once you have your die cut assembled, take your gift card and align it with the top center portion of your rectangle. You are going to want to make sure there is space on the two sides and the bottom. Take your scoreboard (or trace with a stylus/tool) and score along the three sides. Fold​ along your lines and cut the bottom two corners. Take your hole punch and punch a half circle at the top center of your rectangle so that your gift card can easily be pulled out. 

apple gift card holder for teacher
There you have it! A teacher appreciation gift that will make YOU the teacher's pet! 
design team member april

Have a bigger gift for teacher? Try this instead. 

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