Princess Cupcake Toppers With a Twist

Princess Cupcake Toppers With a Twist

princess cake topper

Hi everyone, April here from Lilacpeaches Handmade. I’m going to show you how simple it is to create cute princess cupcake toppers that lay flat using acetate, so that the frosting doesn’t damage your beautiful designs. I’m using a princess crown for my embellishment, but you can use whichever embellishment you’d like!

My base is 2.85” so I make sure to keep my embellishment under 2.85”.


assembling princess cake toppers

Let's get started! For size reference, I cut a 2.85” scalloped circle using the Gold Foil Stars Acetate for my base. I chose to use a princess crown for my embellishment.

how to assemble a princess cake topper

I layered my princess crown with two offsets to create a pretty shadow. If you're not familiar with the term offsets, it just means layers that are slightly larger than your design so that a contrasting color peeks out. I used craft glue to secure my original crown to the first offset layer. I then used 3D foam tape to secure my crown to the second offset layer to add dimension.

princess cupcake toppers

I then take more 3D Foam Tape and apply it to my embellishment to secure it to the acetate base. And finally, I take more 3D Foam Tape and apply it to my embellishment to secure it to the acetate base.

assembling cake toppers

You now have toppers you can apply to your cupcakes and don’t need to worry about the paper getting damaged as there is an acetate base between the frosting and your wonderful creations! I hope you try these princess cupcake toppers!

princess cake toppers with star acetate

Note that the acetate is not technically food safe, so you can adapt this project according to your comfort level. You could consider applying a piece of Press'n Seal® to the back of your acetate before laying it on the cupcake. 


design team member april

Here's another fun twist on a classic cake topper!



  • Kylie

    These are Absolutely Adorable 💖

  • Christine Legros

    I love this.

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