Halloween Craft For Kids: Spooky Paper Cauldron Craft

Halloween Craft For Kids: Spooky Paper Cauldron Craft

Halloween Crafts for Kids - Spooky Cauldron

I love doing crafts with my four year old son. It’s so fun to see what he creates and I am getting so impressed with his wild imagination! Our most recent project is a bubbling cauldron to get us in the mood for Halloween.

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My son LOVES to “do artwork” with me, as he puts it. Every day he begs to come into my work room and “work on his characters” because he wants to make all the Paw Patrol and all the 3 Little Pigs and all the PJ Masks and Scooby Doo and every single character he sees on television. Sometimes that means he just wants me to print out an image of the character so he can play with it but, most of the time, it means he wants to create them out of pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, paper, googly eyes, and pompoms.

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I like to indulge his artistic impulses and since Halloween is approaching, we decided to make bubbly spooky cauldrons together.

Halloween cauldron cake topper

I really love how the Miri Lava Paper adds to the spooky look. At first we just used plain black paper but it felt like something was missing. For my cupcake topper cauldron, albeit rather simple, I used the black Mirri Lava Cardstock and I was able to achieve the spooky vibes I wanted.

Halloween Cauldron Craft for Kids

My son went a different route and oozed his glitter glue all over his cauldron. Together, we worked on another two cauldrons. Thankfully, in the craft world, we have tons of embellishments to choose from. We went a little crazy adding things to our potions. It was such an easy project and since he already loves playing with my craft supplies it was easy to get him involved.


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