Handmade Card Idea Using Vintage Treasures

Handmade Card Idea Using Vintage Treasures

Have you ever found yourself in a pinch, needing a last-minute idea for a unique handmade card? That was the inspiration for this project.

I used something unexpected to make a custom stamp – using some alphabet blocks I had on hand because I love using everyday textures in unique/unexpected ways. These blocks happen to be vintage (translation = “old”), but I’m sure you could use whatever you have on hand. And I’ve only recently discovered the corrugated specialty paper and have been eager to use it.


  • Encore Textured Cardstock in Snowy WhiteRosy Cheeks
  • Corrugated Specialty Paper in Baby Girl Pink
  • AC Gold Foil Dots on Acetate
  • Ink of your choice: (I used Copic Various Ink in Cool Gray #C9) I did try felt markers, and did not achieve good results
  • Other ink suggestions I thought of but did not try: Ink pad, Watercolor paint, Acrylic paint
  • Small sponge applicator (I used a small stencil sponge)
  • Rubbing alcohol (I used alcohol pads)
  • Trimmer of your choice
  • Adhesive and foam tape



  1. Rosy Cheeks cardstock:
    1. Cut a 12” x 5” rectangle
    2. Fold in half with the fold at the top
  2. Snowy White cardstock:
    1. Cut four squares 1 3/8” x 1 3/8”
    2. I cut several so I could practice the inking process (see below)
  3. Corrugated Specialty Paper in Baby Girl Pink
    1. Cut four squares 1.75” x 1.75”
    2. Be prepared to trim the excess stray fibers with a cutting knife, as needed
  4. AC Gold Foil Dots on Acetate
    1. Cut a band 6” x 2 ½”


using baby blocks as stamps
  1. Clean your alphabet blocks with rubbing alcohol and let them dry.
  2. Prepare your ink -I poured a moderate amount of the Copic Ink into a small container.
    using baby blocks as stamps
  3. Dip the small sponge into the ink and then apply a heavy coat of ink to one of the blocks. I applied two coats.
    using baby blocks as stamps
  4. Stamp the letter onto a piece of the Snowy White cardstock. I cut several of the Snowy White squares so I could experiment with pressure, amount of ink, etc. until I was satisfied with the result.
  5. Stamp the word “BABY” and allow the stamped images to dry. NOTE: when using vintage blocks the image will not be pristine, but that adds to the charm of the piece.


  1. Line up each letter on a square of Baby Girl Pink Corrugated Specialty Paper. When you are satisfied with the placement, glue each letter to a square.
  2. Glue the acetate to the left (long) side of the card (Rosy Cheeks cardstock). Use a small amount of adhesive in each corner of the acetate and in the middle of the two long sides. If you don’t have clear adhesive for the acetate, you will be able to place the letters to hide the glue
  3. Place a piece of adhesive foam tape on the back of each square of Corrugated Specialty paper. Before removing the tape’s protective liner, play with the placement of the letters until you are satisfied.
  4. Once you’re satisfied with the placement, remove the liner and adhere each letter to the front of the card.
handmade baby card with stamped baby blocks

There you have it! A totally unique handmade baby card with a unique twist on rubber stamping. What do you have around your house that would look cool stamped? 


Design Team Member Pam Giles

Here's another unique stamping idea!

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