Heart Shaped Mini Album with American Crafts Cardstock

heart shaped mini album

Nothing says I love you like a handmade gift, and this handmade heart shaped mini album by Manasa is one of the sweetest creations I've seen. The recipient will feel so adored and it will become a special keepsake for years to come. 

Though this might looks complicated, the "bones" of the project are super simple, and then you can embellish with your own special style. 

  • American Crafts Cardstock
  • Matching Die Cuts from the same cardstock
  • White paint
  • Miscellaneous texture scraps (tulle, cheese cloth, crepe paper etc)
heart shaped mini album

Here's how Manasa made her heart shaped mini album...

Step 1: Cut hearts in the size and color of your choice. 

Valentine's Day mini album

Step 2: For the monochromatic effect, cut some die cuts of flowers, leaves, tags etc from the same paper. This is a great opportunity to use your dies.

Step 3: For a distressed look, use a distress tool or the edge of scissors to distress the edges of the heart and your die cuts.

heart shaped valentine's day album tutorial

Step 4: Assemble each page of your album. Use scraps of tissue and cloth in addition to your die cuts for extra detail. 

Step 5: Once the pages are assembled, cover your picture and add some splatters of white ink. You can also use watered down gesso, white watercolor paint or any other medium.

Step 6: Punch holes and use a circular binder clip to finish your album.

heart shaped mini album


  • I was stuck on what to do for hubby, but this works! Thanks for the idea!

  • This is so cute!

    Judi Markel
  • Love it.

    Cathy Royal

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