How to Make a Paper Quilt Embellishment

How to Make a Paper Quilt Embellishment

I love vintage quilts and am blessed to have over a dozen that have been handed down to me from both sides of my family. I also enjoy using paper scraps to create new items, and came up with this idea for a paper quilt block.

how to make a paper quilt embellishment

I made this particular item medium/large at 3”, but it can be sized up or down depending on what you need it for. I have applied them to cards, and I’ve added a magnet to the back for a cute fridge item. It’s a fun way to use up coordinated cardstock scraps for a perky paper product.


For this project I used -

  • SoSilk Beauty Pink Pearlescent Cardstock

    o I love the shimmer and workability of this paper!

  • Tiny Teapots Patterned Cardstock

    o These papers are great because they’re printed front and back, so the pattern coordination is already done for you.

  • A design for the corners
    o I used a Cricut to cut this design, but have also used a variety of edge punches.

  • Glue of your choice

  • Embellishment of your choice

    How to Make a Paper Quilt Embellishment 


  1. SoSilk Cardstock:

    a. Cut two 3” squares.

  2. Tiny Teapots Cardstock

    a. Cut eight 1.5” squares.
    b. Experiment with the design for the corners until you are satisfied.

how to make a paper quilt embellishment

1. Line up the 3” squares as shown and glue together.

a. I like to use my self-sealing pad which has a grid, to make sure both pieces are aligned correctly.

  1. Place the first 1.5” square in a corner, making sure to align both edges, then glue in place.

  2. Make your way around the block, alternating paper colors/patterns.

  3. When you have two 1.5” squares left, partially glue the top square to allow enough room to slip the last 1.5” square in below it.
    a. Once the last two 1.5” squares are positioned, glue them in place. 

  4. Glue an embellishment in the center of the quilt block.
    a. The Bubblegum Sprinkles or Pearl Embellishments work well (see photo).
    b. I also have a large stash of vintage buttons that I enjoy using on these blocks –
    just adds a touch of home.

design team member pam giles

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