How To Make Moving Wheels on Cake Toppers

How To Make Moving Wheels on Cake Toppers

monster truck cake topper made from cardstock
Monster trucks are kind of a big deal where I live. I have never been to a show but this summer my husband took my four-year-old son to the show and he LOVED it. When I received a request for a monster truck cake topper in my Etsy shop, I knew I had to make it extra special. The new Mirri H Foil Board was exactly what I needed to give this cake topper a little extra shine. ​
supplies needed to assemble a monster truck cake topper


making a cake topper with spinning wheels
You know what else is special about this cake topper? The wheels spin! This was actually my first attempt at making a cake topper with a spinning feature and it was way easier than I expected. To create the spinning wheels, I just layered the backing pieces, then cut a slit into the top backing piece so I could slide the sewing bobbins in. The bobbins are not adhered to the backing at all. The top pieces of the wheels are glued directly onto the bobbins so they can move separately from the rest of the topper.
monster truck cake topper
The new Mirri H Foil Board and Lava paper were perfect for this project. Not only do these specialty papers stand out, but the racing flag has really tiny cuts and the black mirror board cut flawlessly. The Gunmetal Foil Board is the perfect shade for car parts and I'm excited to use it again and again.
monster truck cake topper

My final finishing touch on this project was the blue flame coming from the tailpipe. I used Blue Mylar paper and it was just the right touch.


design team member Naomi


  • Sue

    My 3 yr old grandson is obsessed with monster trucks. Too bad his birthday was last month.


    Naomi, this is just awesome! I am with Jayne that commented before me , I have 4 grandsons that this will be perfect for! You did a splendid job on this! I love watching your work! What’s next? lol

  • Jayne

    This is incredible!!! I have 4 grandsons ages 5 and under. Perfection 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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