The Best Glue For Card Making

The Best Glue For Card Making

tombo mono permanent adhesive tape runner with bright paper in the backgroundI've been using the Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive Tape Runner for almost 20 years now! It was my go-to adhesive when I used to scrapbook, but now that I make cards, I've discovered it's the best glue for card making too.
tombo mono permanent adhesive dispenser

When I look back at some of my first scrapbooks (some 19+ years old) all the photos are still in the right places. This adhesive doesn't break down over time.

tombow mono permanent adhesive dispenser

I also like that the applicator never jams, it can maneuver in small places (like small diecuts) and will put down a long strip of tape on straight edges.

tombo mono permanent adhesive dispenser

Changing out the refill can't be any easier...just remove the empty cartridge and snap in the new one. No directions twisting or fiddling involved!

And here's a cool tip! If you don't press the paper down too hard, you can still lift and move your item. I like to use the Tombo Mono Permanent Adhesive Dispenser when designing my card layouts so I can change things around if I want too. I even use it as a temporary tape for stamping smaller images in my stamp positioner. Just a little strip on the back and it holds the item in place until I need to move it. I make a lot of cards and this is the best glue for card making in my opinion. 


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