Dimensional Paper Tea Pot

Tips for Making Dimensional Paper Projects

Valentine's Day Dimensional Paper Project: Paper teapot and teacup

Hello, Design Team Member Christi here from Scrapping For Tranquility. One of my favorite things to make are dimensional paper projects and I've made A LOT of them over the years. Today I'm sharing this Valentine's Day themed Teapot and Teacup using files from Dreaming Tree

I know that to some people bigger projects like this can be really overwhelming, and the first time you make one it can feel a bit challenging, but my best advice is just to keep going. Once you get your first completed project you'll be ready to tackle your next one. 

valentine's day paper teapot with files from Dreaming Tree

Here are a Few Tips for Making Dimensional Paper Projects...

Ink Everything But Not Directly With the Ink Pad

I like to ink just about all my pieces that anyone can see on my projects. (If it is an under piece, I do not ink those.) This gives your project a whole different look of dimension and beautification. When I ink, I use a dauber to put my ink on and not straight from the ink pad. Straight from the ink pad will wear your ink pad down a lot quicker causing it to peel and/or dry up a lot quicker than it should. It is a lot less expensive to replace the dauber than the ink pad.

Prep First, Assemble Second

When making 3D projects, before I start assembly, any pieces or places that need folded or inked, I do this first. It makes assembly much smoother and quicker if you are not stopping to fold and ink in the middle of assembly. I like to use a fast drying glue to put my 3D pieces together and do small sections at a time. I want a glue I know will hold my project together for years to come. I personally use Bearly Art Precision Glue.

Valentine's Day Paper Tea Cup

Add Extras to Finish Off Your Project

To finish off any 3D project, I try to always go that EXTRA mile. Ask yourself, what sets my project apart from everyone else’s? Maybe it's bling, stuffing the project with candy or even cobwebs for a Halloween project? It's the little things that take just a little time for a big result. That is my motto.

Valentine Patterned Papers

For this project I used Tea Time Bundle SVG files from Dreaming Tree and Valentine Patterned Papers I had in my stash. You can find all kinds of adorable Valentine Patterned Papers in the shop at 12x12 Cardstock Shop. 

valentine paper craft project

Thanks for joining me  - until next time!


design team member Christi Steinbeck

Here's another fabulous dimensional paper project by Christi!


  • 12x12 Cardstock

    Elizabeth – One more thing to note! The Dreaming Tree style of files actually include a PDF you can print and hand cut out without using any machine or design spoftware.

  • 12x12 Cardstock Shop

    Hi Libby!
    Most of these bigger dimensional projects would require an electronic cutting machine. However, the cricut design space software is free and you can open the SVG designs and print them. You could then trace them onto cardtsock.

    Many of our customers have cutting machines, but many do not and that is why we try and provide projects for all types of crafters. Many of our cardmakers use metal dies or we have projects that require no special tools at all.

    Thank you for your feedback. We will certainly keep this in mind.

  • Elizabeth (Libby) Dreier

    How does one do this without downloading an SVG File (which I don’t know what that is, and don’t own an electronic cutter. What about the rest of us crafters who love you, and want to make your suggested projects?

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