Treat Yo’ Self Pink Halloween Coffin For Candy

pink vellum halloween tomb treat container

Before we get started making this pink halloween coffin for candy, let me tickle your funny bone.  

What do you call a skeleton that refuses to help you clean?
Lazy bones. 

Why don’t skeletons go trick-or treating?
Because they don’t have any body to go with.

pink vellum halloween coffin treat container
Supplies you’ll need:  Start off by searching Cricut images for the Box listed above.  Size the box to your liking. 
For reference, here are the size dimensions used for the coffin:
Coffin treat container in Design Space Software

I decided to make a larger coffin, so it has plenty of room to hold lots of treats.

Once you’ve cut all of the pieces, it’s time to start assembling everything. 

vellum halloween tomb treat container

One thing to note, I was a little concerned about how well the vellum would hold up with this project since it’s a very thin material.  But I couldn’t be happier with how crisp the folds and edges turned out.  It really does make the perfect top for this cute project.

vellum halloween tomb treat container with candy spread around

To finish off the coffin, I printed and cut a sentiment I created that says Trick or Treat Yo'self. You can find lots of fun Halloween sentiments in the Cricut Design Space library. I usually like to add an elevated element to a project like this, so I used glue dots underneath the SVG quote.

close up of pink vellum halloween treat tomb with candy sprinkled around it

I would love to see how yours turned out, how you decorated the lid, and what candy you decided to fill it with! 

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- Shea



  • Mary – It appears that file has been discontinued from Design Space. I added some other options to the post for you if you are looking for a tombstone box.

    Michelle Price
  • Hi! I am doing a Design Space search for #M44BA4… nothing came up… could you do a quick check on that number?
    Very cute project – can’t wait to make it!

    Mary Fender

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