5 Tips For Making Handmade Party Banners

5 Tips For Making Handmade Party Banners

jingle handmade christmas banner

If you are here on this site, it's likely that you are a big fan of cardstock (me too!) And that probably means you have some sort of a paper stash, be it a small stack, or enough to fill a room. 

If you've got paper and a few minutes of time, you can easily make handmade party banners using these five tips. I've made a lot of handmade banners and these are the techniques I use to make them a success.

Watch the video or keep reading for my best tips!

cardstock layers of a christmas banner

1. Mix and match your paper colors and textures. 

I'd hate for you to spend time making a banner and have it be BORING. The best way to get a banner that is the life of the party, is to choose papers that are different colors and different textures and finishes. For my Jingle party banner, I used textured cardstock, matte foil cardstock and shiny foil cardstock. Having these various elements adds interest. 

2. Cut the banner strings at varying lengths. 

If all your banner strings are the same length, your banner elements will hang one on top of the other. Instead cut some shorter and some longer so it hangs in a way that shows off all the pieces. 

handmade banner triangles on a string

3. Use basic shapes to add layers.

Cut circles, squares, diamonds and basic shapes, then add a kiss cut line down the center and fold in half over the ribbon or twine. This is an easy way to bulk up your banner.

tree banner with tabs on back

4. Create tabs on the back of your shapes for threading. 

Check out the video to see these tabs in action, but this is a tip we learned from one of our Design Team members, Tara. Basically you create a tab with two spots for threading the ribbon or twine through. This allows you to reposition the elements on the banner once it is hung up, but the tabs are hidden. 

5. Add some chunky texture to the banner. 

Use crepe paper, burlap, fabric or some other chunky ribbon to add texture and to pop the banner off the all a bit. And bonus, if you tie the ends of this chunky material in knots, you can use them to cover your command hooks, or whatever you are using to hold up the banner. 

Use these tips and you'll be a banner pro in no time! 

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