Adding Stability to Large Cardstock Projects

Adding Stability to Large Cardstock Projects

large alice and wonderland cutout made from glitter paper

There are so many gorgeous glitter paper options at 12x12 Cardstock Shop and some of the best projects we've seen feature multiple colors all layered together. They are stunning to see in real life, and even more stunning when they are made in large format! Design Team member An has made a lot of off the mat Cricut cardstock projects and I always love to see her work her magic.

Because she's made quite a few large cardstock cutouts, she has a few tips for adding stability to large cardstock projects. Sometimes you need these off the mat cardstock projects to stand up in the corner at a party or you want to make a DIY yard sign as part of your decor. Watch the video below, where An shares exactly how she adds foam board to her large cardstock projects. That way she can use all the gorgeous colors of glitter paper 12x12 Cardstock Shop offers on any project. 

Here are An's top tips...

  • Trace the assembled character on foam board, then cut inside the line.
  • Make sure your craft knife is nice and sharp.
  • When you can, slice in one straight line all the way to the edge. This gets rid of pieces as you go which makes it easier to handle the large size project. It also keeps your cut edges nice and neat. 

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  • Tonia

    I did large figures for a fund raiser last year. I never thought of foam board to back them, nor using hot glue. Thanks for the tips.
    Did you use a Cricut to cut the figure, (Alice)? The pieces look to big for a Cricut mat.

  • naomi

    Thank you for the tips!

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