Chalkboard Art Handmade Card and Scrapbook Page

Chalkboard Art Handmade Card and Scrapbook Page

chlakboard art scrapbook page

You might think a piece of black cardstock is about the most boring thing you can think of in the paper craft world, but I'm here to change that! Today I wanted to share some fun ideas for making chalkboard art for your scrapbook pages and cards. 

I did a walk through video where I created a scrapbook page start to finish, using these techniques. You can watch it here. 


For this post I'll be sharing the same techniques, but making a chalkboard art card. Let's get started! 

white art pens


chalkboard art doodles

Chalkboard Art Technique 1: Hand Doodle & Smudge

This first technique creates the base of your project. Use a ruler to draw lines along the edge of your background piece. I like the look of broken lines with double lines in some places, but you could also do double lines all the way around or freehand with no ruler. All of those above options create a cool effect and if you are feeling extra adventurous, you can doodle stars, hearts or circles on the background too. 

Now it's time to make your project look like an actual chalkboard. A wiped off chalkboard still has smudges of chalk, so we are going to create that with white ink. Grab an ink applicator and use your white ink around the outside edges of the project. 

making chalkboard art

Next, create some smudges on the background by LIGHTLY dragging the ink applicator across the background in a swiping motion. 

making chalkboard letters

Chalkboard Art Technique 2: Cut Out Letters with Doodles

This next idea is pretty self explanatory. Cut out letters in a large block style, then use your white pen to draw lines on the inside. Smudge the outsides of the letters with ink as well.

chalkboard art stencils

Chalkboard Art Technique 3: Sticker Stencils

Grab some old stickers you aren't using. We are going to use these as stencils, but before you apply them to your paper, pat them on your pants or your hand to help remove some of the stickiness. Lay them down on your project as a sentiment or title, then use the white ink and applicator to swipe and smudge ink all around them.

chalkboard art stencils

Once you have the ink generously applied, peel up your stickers and you are left with a cool shadow chalk effect. 

Chalkboard Art Technique 4: Stamps

This one is easy peasy! Use rubber stamps and white ink on a black background for cool embellishments and accents. 

handmade fall card

I finished off my chalkboard art card by layering a whole bunch of fall leaves onto my card. I used the Fall Ultimate Bundle to get all the pretty colors of fall. 

I hope this inspires your own chalkboard art handmade card or scrapbook page! The possibilities are endless! 


Design team member Michelle Price

Here's another idea for paper leaves!


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