DIY Father's Day Gift idea

DIY Father's Day Gift idea

It's almost dad's day and that means it's time to rifle through your paper stash and start thinking about DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas. Michelle from Bits & Pieces Paper Lab here today for a fun paper craft tutorial. We shared a post with lots of ideas for Father's Day gifts you can make last year around this time, but here is one more idea to add to the list. AND - bonus, this is a project for using up paper scraps. 

diy fathers day gift idea

Hang this Father's Day tag on dad's favorite soda or beer bottle and include a gift card for an easy DIY gift idea for Dad.

idea for using cardstock scraps


How to Make Soda Pop Tags for Father's Day

The beauty of this project is that you can kind of use what you have on hand to make these bottle hang tags for Father's Day.

1. This is a great project to use paper scraps on, so gather a bunch of silver, green, white and blue scraps and cut them into various widths and lengths 1/2" - 1" thick and 2"-3" long. Cut the ends slanted, in a pennant edge or mix and match. For each tag you need about 10 cardstock strips for the bottom of the medallion. 

father's day soda pop hang tag

2. Next, cut a rectangle of green cardstock 2" x 5" and score at the 2" mark along the 5" side. Fold at the score line. This creates a tag that has a 2" x 2" square on top and a 3" x 2" part that hangs down. Punch or freehand a circle from the center of the 2"x 2". The circle must be at least 1 1/2" wide. Cut an additional circle from the rest of the green cardstock, this same size. 

how to make a father's day beer tag

3. Now it's time to make the rosette. Cut two (2) strips of green cardstock 1 1/2" x 10". With the strip laid so the long edge is horizontal, score every 1/2" all the way down the strip. Repeat this for both strips.

how to make a rosette accordion fold strips of paper

4. Accordion fold the strips creating peaks and valleys all down the strip.

how to make a paper rosette

5. Now we need to attach these strips together. Overlap the strips at one end and adhere. Now adhere the other end to form a complete circle (like a bracelet). 

how to make a paper rosette

6. Gather your bracelet pushing the center pieces inward and flattening the paper against a table. This is the trickiest part, so practice without any glue a few times until you get the hang of it. 

how to make a paper rosette

7. Now grab one of your punched out circles and apply hot glue all over the circle. Position the rosette over the top and press the center onto the hot glue and the cardstock circle, making sure you are getting the center of the rosette as tight as possible. Once it's holding firm, apply hot glue to the center top of the rosette and place your other circle on top to help hold your rosette in place.

making fathers day hang tags

8. Now it's time to assemble everything together. begin layering the various scrap strips about an inch from the score line on your hang tag. Keep layering them up at various lengths and angles so they all show. 

how to make a paper rosette from paper scraps

9. Adhere your rosette to the tag as well, covering the tops of the scraps, so they peek out from the bottom 

how to make a hanging bottle tag

10. Cut a larger circle around 2" (or heart or octagon) and layer that onto the top of the rosette. Alot of times the circle that is glued directly to the rosette can be a bit warped from all the glue so this helps give you a nice smooth surface. Now you can embellish however you want. Use your Cricut or Silhouette to cut a sentiment, or stamp it, or use stickers. Use gems like our Rhinestone kits, or any leftover stickers or diecuts you might have laying around to embellish it. 

father's day beer tags or soda tags

There you have it!  A fun Father's Day DIY that doubles as a Father's Day best dad ribbon award. Attach a gift card to the back of the tag for a little something extra!


design team member michelle price

Make a Paper Wallet Card for Dad too!


  • Michelle Price

    I think that would be darling! Just size down a bit. Or size up and make it into a full cake topper.

  • Linda Chreno

    This is a darling idea — how would it look as a cupcake topper?

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