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Does American Crafts Glitter Cardstock Cut Well?

white, silver, pink and hot pink glitter paper

One of the questions we often get asked is, does American Crafts Glitter cardstock cut well on Silhouette or Cricut machines? 

The answer is YES. We are so impressed by how well American Crafts Glitter cardstock cuts and how little glitter shedding there is left on your mat. As experienced die cutters know, the wrong piece of glittery cardstock can leave glitter residue all over your mat, thus destroying the adhesive. 

hand holding hello and arrow cut from glitter paper
For the most part, you won't have that problem with American Crafts Glitter cardstock. We love how well it cuts for sparkly layered projects, but there are a few tricks to get clean cuts on glitter paper, which I'll share along the way.

First let's talk about the different kinds of American Crafts Glitter papers available so you know what your options are! 

arrow and hello cut outs on a cutting mat
My personal favorite glitter paper is American Crafts Pow! Glitter paper. This has a super fine glitter shine that leaves absolutely no glitter shedding on your mat. The back of this paper is a bit like vinyl and it has the weight and texture of a thicker vinyl. But, wow, American Crafts Pow! Glitter Paper cuts like butter. I cannot recommend it enough when you need a sparkly layer to your project. You can cut this similar to a regular piece of cardstock. 

As you can see, cuts are clean and there is no glitter residue left on the mat. 

gold, pink, blue , silver and green glitter paper
Though the Pow! glitter papers cut so well, they are not cardstock weight and thus won't provide stability to your project. If you need a thick glitter cardstock that is going to help a paper crafting structure stand up, then you'll want to opt for the American Crafts Glitter cardstock or DuoTone Glitter cardstock.

The regular American Crafts Glitter cardstock is a thick glitter cardstock that cuts well and leaves very little glitter behind on your mat. The trick to cutting this is to increase your blade cutting depth a bit, go slow and do two passes so that you can catch any spots that your machine might have missed in the first go round. 

glitter paper cutouts on a cutting mat
As you can see, when I peeled this up, there was hardly any glitter residue left behind. 

The American Crafts DuoTone Glitter cardstock is actually the thickest of the glitter cardstocks we carry and depending on your machine, you may need to play around a bit with your cut settings to get a clean cut. Again, go slow and double cut for the cleanest cuts.

green glitter paper

I recommend test cutting a small square in your paper the first time you cut this paper. Keep changing settings and testing until you get your settings just right, so you don't waste an entire sheet of paper figuring out your particular settings. 

glitter paper cutouts on a cutting mat

The American Crafts DuoTone Glitter cardstock does leave a bit of glitter behind on your mat, but it's not excessive. I purposely used a brand new, super sticky mat so that I could show you worst case scenario, but the reality is that most people will cut on a worn in mat. You can even set aside one mat that is designated as the glitter mat for papers such as these. 

hello and arrow cut from glitter paper

So there you have it! I was surprised at how well this paper cut, even on the small scripty font. This paper is the perfect finishing touch for your next papercraft project. Head here to see all the colors available. 



    You mentioned using the glitter paper with a Silhouette or Cricut machine. Will this paper work with manual Sizzix machines as well?



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