diy graduation party favors

Easy DIY Graduation Party Favor

Want to make a fun little DIY party favor without a ton of supplies or time? Design Team member Kate here with a quick little graduation party favor you can whip up in no time! I'm making a bunch of these for my daughter's college graduation dinner. I'm planning on putting them at each person's chair (like a table setting).

diy grad party favor

This fun fold designs is called "Diaper Fold". You can adjust the measurements to fit your treat, but since I was only using a small chocolate, I opted for the 6 x 6 inch size detailed below. Plus, I was able to get 4 treat holders from one 12 x 12 inch sheet of patterned paper. You can experiment with all sizes as long as you start with a square.


Graduation Party Favor Assembly Instructions

diy grad party favor

Cut your cardstock to 6 x 6 inches and fold along the diagonal. I like to use a bone folder to smooth down my folds.

grad party favor DIY

Next, take your triangle and fold in each corner to the opposite side, making the fold straight across. Do the same to the opposite corner. You can use some adhesive to glue your folds down.

how to make a diaper fold party favor

Next, take the front flap and fold down over the 2 previous folds. Now all that's left is to decorate!

easy DIY graduation party favor

If you are using double sided patterned paper, you can make two different versions, depending on which pattern is facing the outside of the fold. 

how to make a grad party favor

These DIY party favors can be adapted for any holiday or occasion and they are super easy to make!


Design Team Member Kate Deignan

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