Farmhouse Style Crafts Inspired Tags

Farmhouse Style Crafts Inspired Tags

farmhouse style paper tags

Farmhouse style is everywhere nowadays thanks to the popularity of Chip & Jo of Magnolia Farms and their amazing style! I've been known to get lost for hours browsing Pinterest for farmhouse style crafts and dreaming of all the things I can make. For today's project I decided to bring my love of farmhouse style crafts to the paper world and make some farmhouse inspired tags. 

I looked through various farmhouse crafts to get a feel for what they had in common so I could nail down the look. Here's five trends I noticed. 

black and white farmhouse style paper tags

1. Farmhouse Style Color Combos

Color combo is everything for the farmhouse look. The look is ecru (eggshell off white), crisp white, sage green, black and maroon. I pulled some paper suggestions for you if you want to try your hand at this look yourself. 

farmhouse style paper tag with paper leaves

2. Mixed Typography

Mixing fonts is a classic farmhouse look. Typically you see a script font with a block letter font, but I've also seen mixed block letter fonts too.

farmhouse tag with faux chalkboard look

3. Embrace the chalkboard look

Here's a little tip for getting a faux chalkboard look on your farmhouse style crafts. Layer white papers on a smooth black background and then use a sponge and some white ink to add a bit of faux chalk dust.

black tag and sponge with white ink

Just pounce a bit in various spots with the corner of the sponge and then swipe along a few edges with a very light touch. Imagine what an erased chalkboard looks like and try to mimic that. OR, you can opt to purchase chalkboard paper and use actual chalk. 

farmhouse style paper tag

4. Farmhouse Style Grainsack Stripes & Plaids

Embrace the grainsack stripe which is one thick line with two thinner lines on either side. Or opt for a straight black and white plaid. Both design elements are crucial for a farmhouse style craft.

farmhouse style paper tag with paper leaves

5. Add greenery

Farmhouse style decor and crafts both feature greenery of some form. I've tucked some paper leaves onto my farmhouse style tags. 

set of four farmhouse style paper tags

Want free farmhouse style craft cut files? Get the SVG files for these farmhouse style tags here and make your own set. Once you have downloaded the files, right click on the file folder and select extract all to get all the file types. 

download cut files here





  • Laurie Mcneely

    I love your idea and it won’t let me download your freebie says it can’t find the page . Thanks for giving the freebie

  • Michelle Price

    I know there have been some issues with pop-up blockers preventing people from getting files. I’ll email these to you directly!


    These adorable files will not load for me. Is the link expired, broken, or something else entirely?

  • Linda Plouvier

    Super cute! Will use these for delivering my goodies to friends

  • Tina

    I Love these little tags! thank you so much for the file :)

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