Fun DIY Lucky Star Card

Fun Star Card

Hello, 12 X 12 Cardstock Fans!  Christi here from Scrapping For Tranquility  I want to apologize for leaving everyone hanging on my last giveaway from Valentine's day.  I had a family emergency that I had to leave town for and I just wasn't thinking.  Please accept my sincere apologies.  
On to the Next!
Today, I want to share a fun, versatile card that you can make and use for ANY occasion and use up a LOT of scraps!
Fun DIY Lucky Star Card by Christi Steinbeck  
I took a 5 X 7 card base out of American Crafts White Textured Cardstock.  On the front of the cardstock, I measured a 1/2 inch all the way around the outside making a frame lightly in pencil.
Taking out of my scraps, I chose the colors I wanted to use.  (listed below)  Cutting them in 1/4 inch each and measuring each individual for the length it needed to be, alternating the pattern.
You could use any pattern you decide for the top, I decided on stars but I also made one in circles.  On my Cameo, I turned down my pressure and speed very low and put the vellum through cutting the stars on the vellum at the same time cutting out the 5 individual colored stars to finish it off.
Picking the sentiment from my stamp collection, I stamped it on the large white star and choose to emboss it to give it a bit of shine.
To assemble I took some vellum tape I had and put it on the back of all four corners of the vellum, taped it to my stripes of cardstock.  Toping it with my white star and then deciding how I wanted my colored stars to shine, I glued them on, and my card was done.
I wish I could take full credit for this card but I found a similar card on Instagram and tweaked it a bit.  I would have loved to link to it but, somehow on my lovely desk, I can not find the link, that was RIGHT here!  HAHAHA! If you happen to know the person or are the person, please let me know so I can give credit.
Here is what I used from 12 X 12 Cardstock Shop!
American Crafts Rouge 71027
American Crafts Aqua Discontinued (was in my stash)
American Crafts Peacock 71471
American CraftsLemon 71039
American Crafts Bubblegum 71018
American Crafts White 71081
I also used the 
For the overlay on top of the card.
I hope you enjoyed the card and if you have any questions, always feel free to message me here on the blog or even on my personal blog at:
Or My Facebook at:
Have a Blessed Day!


  • Carmen Raddatz

    Bunny card is adorable.
    I love all of the textured Bazzil card stock, really all colors!

  • Andre M.

    Fun design on this sweet card.

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