Halloween Crystal Ball Cake Topper

Halloween Crystal Ball Cake Topper

halloween crystal ball cake topper

Ever since I saw the new Mirri Lava cardstock, I have been inspired to create new designs. The movement of the paper adds the most unique effect to any project. I had a crystal ball cake topper planned for Halloween and the Lava paper gave it the extra pizazz it needed to stand out, plus it is super easy to make!

crystal ball cake topper supplies


To get started, I edited my file so I have the option to turn this into a shaker topper but any basic crystal ball image will do the trick. As I explain the layers, refer to the picture below to see which parts of the file are cut out of each paper.

Halloween Crystal Ball Cake Topper

First, you’ll want to cut out the silhouette of the crystal ball using the Diamond Holographic paper. This is the design you’ll see inside the crystal ball.

Next, cut out a couple outlines of the crystal ball in purple cardstock with the center of it being hollow. This is the change I made to the file in order to make this a shaker topper. Layer these on top of the diamond paper using double sided adhesive.

halloween crystal ball cake topper

At this point you can sprinkle glitter or sequin inside it if you want to make it a shaker topper. I decided to leave it empty and let the diamond paper do all the talking. On top of those layers, glue a circle cut out of the pearl mylar. The mylar is semi transparent and gives this topper a mystical effect that would be hard to capture without it.

The next layer of the crystal ball will be the Silver Mirri Lava Holographic paper and it will be just like the diamond paper silhouette, however, this time you will also cut out an image inside the crystal ball. I went with the moon image already displayed in the Cricut file but you could get really creative here.

crystal ball halloween topper

The Silver Mirri Lava paper gives off the appearance that the crystal ball has smoke inside it moving around and I love it so much! Finally, I used the Purple Mirri Lava paper to make the outline of the crystal ball.

This Halloween crystal ball cake topper is now ready to go! I see lots more cake toppers in my future!


design team member Naomi Krush

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