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Handmade Card Idea: Bridge Card Tutorial with Letter Dies

Hello! Design Team Member Kate here. This year I'm on a mission to use the handmade card supplies I already own, like dies, stamps and embossing folders and I'm going to try to find ways to use them in as MANY ways as I can (not for just the one way I usually buy supplies for).  Today I want to focus on using alphabet dies. This project is perfect for any size alphabet die you already own.  

handmade card tutorial making a bridge card

We are going to use those alphabet dies to make a bridge card. Don't own alphabet dies? Switch out the letters for stamped images, shapes, or stickers and still follow along with this bridge card tutorial. 

how to make a bridge card

Decide on your word and cut four of each letter in a cardstock color that matches your card base (here, I used white). Cut a fifth letter set in your top color (solid cardstock, patterned, foil, glitter, etc.) Glue two of the white letters together and then attach your colored letter to the top.  The other two will be used for the underside of the letters.

cutting directions for a handmade card template
You will need to decide how wide you want the cut out gap of your card to look.  This is mostly determined by the dimensions of your letters.  My letters measure 1 3/4 inches so I decided that I wanted the gap of the card to be 3/4 inches wide.  You will also need to determine where you want the gap.  I wanted my letters towards the bottom of the card, so I cut off one inch from the bottom of the front panel, then removed a 3/4 inch strip. (see photo)
handmade card tutorial using letter dies
Now it's just assembly.  The two white letters with the colored piece are glued on the front (outside) of the card flap.
how to make a bridge card
The other two letters are glued behind the letters, lining them up exactly, and sandwiching the card front between the letters.  
handmade card tutorial
Here's another version. For the "merry" card, I used a paper that was black on one side, white on the other. I cut out a panel of black cardstock for the front panel of the card and placed the 3/4 inch strip (that I removed for the gap) inside the card so when the card is closed, the black is continuous.  This same idea works great for patterned papers. 
handmade Christmas card idea
So there you have it! I hope this inspires you to pull out your letter dies and make something new and fresh with them. See thru cards and window cards are trending in the cardmaking world, and this is a fun way to try out the trend. 
Kate Diegnan Design Team Member

Here's another fun idea for using letter dies!



    Lovely tutorial, gives me tons of ideas! TY for sharing!

  • Linda

    Is there a video. I don’t understand but I love it.

  • Nadine Dunker

    Loved this idea and other ideas you share. Thank you so much

  • Fenya Z

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

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