Handmade Gift Boxes with Dreaming Tree

Handmade Gift Boxes with Dreaming Tree

Good morning 12x12 Cardstock Shop Fans! Christi here from Scrapping for Tranquility bringing you another wonderful collaboration between 3D SVG (Dreaming Tree) and 12x12 Cardstock Shop! I just love combining these two wonderful companies together! When you do, you just can’t go wrong!

I decided the files I was going to share with you this month were going to be all about giving. With Christmas coming near, a lot of gift giving is in abundance, so I'm sharing two handmade gift boxes.  Dreaming Tree is so generous with their freebies and all the different things you can do with them. This month both of my projects are actually free files you can get over at Dreaming Tree

petite cake box handmade box by Dreaming Tree

I started with Petite Cake box. I made mine almost identical to Leo at Dreaming Tree's but with a few little different touches. The reason I chose this one is I thought it was a cute box for those small pieces of fudge for a co worker or a few pieces of candy etc. I thought this was an excellent idea just the way it was, but at the same time it can be adapted in so many way and there are so many ways you can let your mind take it.

present box file by Dreaming Tree

Next, I chose the Present Gift Card Box. I wanted you to see all the different ways you can dress this box up for ANY occasion. You can put small items or food items in it along with a gift card attached on the outside.

handmade gift boxes from Dreaming Tree

I like to give a little tidbit of information with my monthly posts of things I like to do. I know a lot of us are card makers and we make up a lot of different holiday cards so when we need them, we just pull one out and we are set to go. A lot of times we can think of a small gift we would like to give but have nothing to put it in so we just settle for the gift card. What I tend to do is, I take one small shelf in my closet and I have made different sizes of boxes with my cards in a card organizer next to it. I even have a few nice, small gifts that would work for a man or a woman, on the shelf. This way if I need a quick gift, I have my cards, my boxes and a small gift.

I hope that gives you incentive to make a small gift center in your home also.


Thank you for following a long and I hope you will leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Until Next time……. Christi

Design Team Member Christi



    Joan, Thank you so much! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Christi


    Sherrill, Thank you and you’re very welcome! I sorta have an obsession to craft boxes also and really think they can “dress Up” a gift without wasting wrapping paper. Thank you for commenting~

  • Sherrill Campbell

    Thank you for the great idea about keeping a stock of gift boxes on hand! This kills two birds with one stone, my obsession to craft boxes, and having a good use for them in the future.

  • Joan Brice Crummett

    Both are absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing~

  • Angela C.

    Thank you, Christi, for the beautiful gift of your SVGs. I love them and can’t wait to make them! What a fantastic idea about your gift center!

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