making paper lilies

How To Choose Papers For Dimensional Paper Projects

Hello 12x12 Cardstock Shop Fans! Christi here from Scrapping for Tranquility bringing you another wonderful collaboration between 3D SVG (Dreaming Tree) and 12x12 Cardstock Shop! I just love combing these two wonderful companies together! When you do, you just can’t go wrong!

paper lilies from dreaming tree

This month, I decided the file I was going to use was the Fairy Lilies in the Pretty Potted Plants SVG Bundle. This set of paper lilies would be such a gorgeous Easter centerpiece.

When it comes to choosing my pattern paper and cardstock, I go through a process that I thought I would share with you.

1. I look through the SVG files on Dreaming Tree and decide what I want to make.

2. If it is a whimsical or fairy tale file, I know I can use bold pattern paper with my cardstock. I can make it whatever I want it to be and don't have to worry about what that particular item would look like in the real world. If I don’t have the right papers, I immediately go to 12 X 12 Cardstock shop and find my pattern paper I want to use with my cardstock. I know if I order, that they fill within the day and I will have it ASAP.

3. If it is a realistic design, like this clock I made last year, or flowers that really exist, I make sure to choose my papers to keep it looking realistic. For the lilies in today's project I wanted to use this Beautiful Blessed Butterflies paper by Echo Park So I wanted my lilies to match, but I was worried that blue lilies don't exist in nature.

paper lily file from dreaming tree

I looked up lilies and there is a gorgeous turquoise lily that actually exists in real life. I knew just then all I needed for my project.

making paper flowers

This quick tip is the process I use for choosing my colors and I hope it helps you when choosing your colors.



Design Team Member Christi

Here's another beautiful paper flower bouquet by Christi!


  • Sherrie

    This is stunning. I would love a tutorial on how to make it! Looking through most of the projects on this blog makes me feel like I’m late to the party lol. I would have no clue how to assemble something like this but would love to learn! :)

  • 12x12 Cardstock Shop

    Jean –
    Most paper flower makers use ink and felt applicators to cover the edges. We actually carry both those items.
    Here are the popular Memento Ink Pads https://www.12×
    and here is the felt applicator https://www.12×

    If you head over to our Youtube video we have a design team member who does a lot of inking and has done some really helpful videos:

    Hope that helps!

  • Kenny R

    Beautiful!! Would love to know how to make these.

  • Jean

    On the dreaming tree video the guy is coloring the petals and leaves. What is he using to do that, if you know? He mentioned using a felt applicator.

  • Brenda


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