How to Embellish Dimensional Paper Letters

How to Embellish Dimensional Paper Letters

dimensional letter set using multi-color glitter paper

I thought for this post I would do something a bit different and bring you some tips on how to embellish dimensional paper letters and give you a peek into my design process rather than a step by step tutorial.

For this project, I have made 3D name letters for a child’s first birthday. I design paper crafts that I sell, and the client’s brief was that the theme for the party is Cocomelon, however, she wanted me to make it non-descript as she wanted to use the same letters for her son’s room afterward. So we decided to go with a rainbow theme.

I had just received the lovely Over the Rainbow glitter paper and was dying to use it. So when I heard rainbow theme, I knew just what I wanted to do! I chose the colors that would go with a Cocomelon theme and brought in some more elements, like the stars and the watermelon (hint: look closely at the outer edge of the rainbow on the letter A!) Lets get started:


Whenever I am designing a new project I'm always thinking of how I want the final product to look. I never want my paper projects to end up looking flat. When in doubt, create a number of offset layers and use double sided foam tape! However, there are lots of other ways to create a 3D effect that adds a bit more oomph to the final product than the basic layers and foam tape.

dimensional letter embellished with a rainbow

For this rainbow I used single layers for each color. I only used foam tape to raise the outer edge of the rainbow. I wanted a very light airy organic feel to the shape as well. To achieve that, I made an offset layer bigger than the whole shape, however, I cut it out on an acetate sheet rather than using colored cardstock. That helped keep each ring of the rainbow exactly where I wanted it and so that I could stick the entire shape on the letter as opposed to individual pieces.

Other touches I added on this rainbow to vary the texture and dimension was using a mixture of glitter paper and textured cardstock. I also embellished it further by adding the black half beads to the design. My most favorite part of the rainbow is the blue ring which I glued over with a really nice ribbon/trim I had, that added instant texture and depth to the design. Last but certainly not least are the 3D stars I made out of gold glitter cardstock.

How to embellish dimensional paper letters

On this letter, I added the 3D hot air balloon and the layered kite. I used different techniques to make them pop out yet not look the same. The kite is layered cardstock with foam tape and the hot air balloon is creased and folded layers that are glued together. Once again I’ve used a variety of textures and effects on the cardstock to add dimension to the project. For the basket of the hot air balloon I used burlap stack paper to give it the woven basket look. I used string to tie the balloon to the basket. I love incorporating non-paper elements in my work wherever possible as I find that really takes it up a notch.

A trick I use to extend my canvas beyond the size of the letters is to cut thin strips of acetate and to glue my design elements on to that and to stick them on to the main piece from the back. I’ve done that with the stars here to give this effect as if they’re floating on the outside.

How to embellish dimensional paper letters

When I am making a set of name letters, I always vary the design in terms of some solid letters and one or two, depending on the length of the name, shaker or shadow box letters. Here I made the “I” as a shadow box letter. I have added 3D stars inside and the colorful layered rainbow on the top. I’ve used offset layers for the I both inside and on the outside.

adding embellishments to dimensional paper letters

Let me know what you thought of this project and come visit me over on my Instagram page


design team member annie chinoy

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