How to Make a Mandala Cardstock Project

How to Make a Mandala Cardstock Project


Ever wondered how to make a mandala cardstock project? 

It can be intimidating when you see these gorgeous mandala designs on Pinterest, but the trick to these is to stay organized with your cuts and work slowly to get adhesive in all the right spots (and avoid getting glue in the wrong spots). This Youtube video includes lots of great tips for working with detailed cuts with lots of layers. This beautiful mandala globe project has 17 layers! 


To get started, choose the mandala cut file you would like to work with. This beautiful globe mandala is from OkadeeSVG

how to make a mandala cardstock project

Once you've chosen the project to tackle, choosing papers is important. As I shared in the video, it looks best when you layer light cardstock on dark cardstock and vice versa. Continue layering the pieces using this light/dark combo throughout so that all the individual layers show up. 

how to make a layered mandala cut file

When adhering tiny intricate cuts, it's best to use a glue with a precision tip. These precision tips will literally save your crafty sanity. I like Bearly Arts Glue or Art Glitter Glue for intricate pieces like these. 

You'll also want to choose some layers to pop up with dimensional foam adhesive squares. This gives the project lots of dimensions and makes your layers stand out even more. 

Join me as I assemble this project and share more tips and tricks on how to make a mandala cardstock project. 


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