How To Make Paper Poinsettias

How To Make Paper Poinsettias

glitter paper poinsettias on a black letterboard sign

Poinsettias are such a beautiful, vibrantly colored flower. While red is commonly seen during the Christmas season, I was inspired to make the pink version of this flower after seeing all the lovely shades of glittery cardstock offered by 12x12 Cardstock.

Supplies you’ll need:

free paper poinsettia template

(To save template, click here and choose Save As)

While there are multiple methods to cutting these flowers out, the following tutorial will focus on using scissors. Begin by printing and cutting out the FREE Poinsettia Template.

paper poinsettia template

Next, take the largest petaled shape, turn the Princess Pink Glitter Cardstock sheet over, trace with your pen or pencil, and cut it out. Follow this same procedure with the Bazzill Fussy and BLUSH Glitter colors with the second largest and smallest petaled shapes respectively. Continue this process for the leaves using the MINT Glitter Cardstock. Repeat these steps until you have all the pieces for the total number of Poinsettias you desire to make.

Next, place your ruler down the center of each of the petals and leaves, and draw a scoring line. For glitter paper, I recommend running the scoring tool over the surface twice. Fold each of these petals and leaves in half to give the flower more of a realistic look.

glitter paper poinsettia template

Now, begin to assemble the flowers by placing a small drop of craft glue in each of the petaled shapes center. Add as many, or as few, leaves as you’d like to each flower and attach them to the Poinsettia using more craft glue. Lastly, place three drops of craft glue in the flowers center and attach three of the gold glitter ball confetti.

pink paper poinsettias

Here’s the finished product! I would love to see how yours turned out! Tag @wild_sparkle_ and @12x12cardstock on Instagram!

- Shea

Design Team Member Shea


  • Michelle

    Hi ladies!
    Sorry you are having issues downloading the file. I made some changes that will hopefully make it easier to get the JPEG! Try clicking the link and downloading again.

  • Linda

    Thank you Charlotte! I also saw the file as WebP. I did a screenshot of the petals and saved as a jpeg. But I also did as you suggested and saved as a jpeg again, after seeing your input. I think it will be more clear that way. I used Bing to get the second jpeg. Thank you.

  • Charlotte

    I found a solution! :-)
    It’s apparently a browser problem. I tried it with three different browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge). The first two only gave me the WebP option, but when I tried it with Edge, it came up as a jpeg right away! So Jan, hope you’ll read this…just change browsers, and it should work :-)

  • Charlotte

    I have the same problem as Jan. I right clicked on the image, chose “save as”, and the only option that came up was “WebP image”. There aren’t any other options. :-(

  • Terri

    Jan – are you trying to save the image using Screen shot? What you need to do is right-clock on the image. You see the “Save Image As” prompt and then you can save it as a jpeg or jpg file. The file is named “PoinsettiaTemplate-01_480x480.jpg.” Hope this helps.

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