Make Your Own Distressed Cardstock

How to Make Your Own Distressed Cardstock

Hello 12 X 12 Cardstock Fans! Christi here from Scrapping For Tranquility with another wonderful Collaboration with 3DSVG (Dreaming Tree) and 12 X 12 Cardstock!

dreaming tree tackle box made of paper

This month we are going to talk watercolors, blending and Distress Oxide Inks. With Father’s Day fast approaching, I decided to make the new file from Dreaming tree, Tackle Box from the Love Dad collection. It's a REE-LY cool file as you will see! Leo used cardstock that was distressed-looking already. I decided to make my own distressed cardstock using supplies I had on hand. Here is what I decided I was going to do to get the distressed look in this case. 


Here's how I turned WHITE cardstock into BLUE DISTRESSED Cardstock...

1. I used NEENAH GRANA GROSSA that we carry in the shop that is able to be used with water and ink. I knew this from the advice of Kate, from our Design Team and her article Using Watercolors on Neenah Grana Grossa. (Check it out!)

2. I used Distress Oxide Inks by Tim Holtz, which we also carry. The process was I cut out all the pieces first on my Silhouette Cameo 3 then I decided on the colors I wanted to use for the base and then picked out the distress colors to go on top of my colors.

3. To create a base color, I spray my glass mat one spray on a tiny spot. I rub a blending brush on the Distress Oxide Ink Pad to lift the color and then I put it in the water on the glass mat muting it down some. Starting in a circular motion and half way on your cardstock and half way off keep the circular motion going until all the cardstock is covered and blended.

tackle box made of paper

4. Once I laid down my bottom color, I let it dry completely, then added my distress colors one by one, building on each other and drying in between each layer. You can use a dryer but be very careful not to warp your cardstock or your project will be warped.

fathers day craft

5. Once my secondary colors were on, I went back with my primary base color and lightly went over everything and all the colors, blending them all together. Again, letting them dry together. I then finished assembling my tackle box and added all the little embellishment pieces. 

Dreaming Tree Father's Day Tackle Box

I like my distressed look! Do not be afraid to try new things and put your own spin on them! As they have always said, “There aren't any mistakes in paper crafting just more chances to embellish.” That goes for scrapbooking, 3D papercrafting, card making or whatever craft you do.

 Thank you for joining me! Until next time ……

-Christi Steinbeck

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