Gold foil highlights on butterfly made with cardstock

How To Use Gold Foil Paper On Your Projects

gold paper butterflies on a bed of paper flowers

There are so many great products at 12x12 Cardstock Shop and today I'm hoping to inspire you try our foil cardstock papers if you haven't yet! If you're like me, you can fall in love with a paper and still have no idea what to do with it, so I'm sharing a few ideas on how to use Gold Foil papers and a few of the other foil cardstocks we carry. 

gold, silver and rose gold foil cardstock

When you head to our foil cardstock collection, you'll see two types of foil cardstock. There is Matte Foil Cardstock and Mirror Foil Cardstock. The difference is in the reflective quality. The matte has a pretty metallic sheen with no reflection (similar to metallic paint) while the mirror options will actually reflect a bit (like a mirror). Both are elegant and beautiful, so it depends on what look you are trying to achieve. 

Here are a few ways to dress up your projects and put that foil cardstock to good use...

paper butterflies on a bed of pink paper roses1. Use foil cardstock to add elegant decorative accents to die cuts.

We love these gorgeous paper butterflies @paperflowersbyrosy made. The matte gold foil detail is the perfect finishing touch! 


muslin gift bag with pink rose and hello in gold foil

2. Put a foil cardstock layer on the bottom edges of your project for a faux gilded edge look.

Adding an outline layer of gold foil makes any project look fancy! 

paper princess mirror

3. Use the mirror foil cardstock to actually make a mirror!

This is such a fun way to make an interactive embellishment for a scrapbook or card, or a fun princess cake topper. Use the silver or gold mirror foil as the reflective part of a mirror. It's a fun and unexpected surprise for a little princess. 

two handmade cards with rose gold foil accents

4. Create dramatic backgrounds for cards with mirror foil cardstock.

I love to use shiny foil to cut out detailed designs for the base of my cards. It's an easy way to give your project a wow factor! It looks beautiful and elegant against a white backdrop. For these cards I've used the Rose Gold Mirror Cardstock

handmade celebrate card with gold foil backgroundBut you can totally use foil cardstock on space themed or superhero themed projects too. You aren't limited to just elegant looks as you can see on this card by @wildercrafting.

paper leaves in a pile

5. Dress up your autumn decor with gold foil leaves!

Sprinkle some paper leaves on your mantel or string them together to make a banner. Cut a few from gold foil for a fun and sparkly twist! 

Hopefully we've inspired you to cut into your foil cardstock and make something pretty! You can see all the options available for purchase here

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  • Gloria

    Just wanted to know how to tell gold foil from other paper that looks like gold foil. Thank you, it helped.

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