Kid Friendly Easy Mother's Day Card

Kid Friendly Easy Mother's Day Card

easy mother's day card idea

Hi everyone, April here from Lilacpeaches Handmade. Moms everywhere enjoy their little one’s handmade projects over store bought ones. I’m going to show you how I made this kid friendly, easy Mother's Day card so you can recreate this with any little ones. They'll love helping make a card for grandma or for mom. You can recreate this project whether you have a cutting machine or not. I am including a PDF download your kiddo can trace (or you can upload in a cutting software).

Download Tulip PDF here

easy mother's day tulip card
Supplies Needed:
Bazzill Cardstock in African Daisy, Grass, and Romance
Paper Straw
Score Board (Optional)
Assembly Process: For size reference, I cut a rectangle (8.5” x 5.65”) and folded it in half to create the card base. I cut two tulips (both 2.5” in height) and the leaves (approx. 1.25” and 1.75” in height) for a little variation.


mother's day card idea

I took one tulip base and glued it onto the card using Bearly Arts Precision Craft Glue. I then cut the straw in half so that it fit easily onto the card and glued it down so that the edge of the straw aligned with the edge of the card.

diy mother's day card idea

I took one of my tulip bases and added scoring lines with my score board to help me fold a little easier, but this can be done just as easily without the score board.

I folded it accordion style at each point of my tulip base. You should have 3 folds total. I took the two outer edges of the flower and added glue, and centered them over the paper straw, covering the first tulip base under the straw.

easy mother's day card idea

I then added my leaves to the side with craft glue. Lastly, personalize with a handwritten note for Mom! The result, a super simple Mother's Day card for kiddos to gift their mommas!


design team member april gonzalez

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  • Kay

    My twin granddaughters who are 9 will each luv making this for their mother using different colors so they both aren’t the same. thanks for the share.

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