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Lattice cards are all over Instagram these days. Design Team member Kate is here with her version of this handmade card idea! Follow along with this attice card template and you'll have a pretty handmade card template you can use again and again.

Lattice Card Template Supplies

Lattice Card Template Instructions

how to make a lattice card handmade card

To begin, cut cardstock in the following sizes...

Start with a top folding A2 card (4 1/4" x 11", scored at 5 1/2 inches).

Cut two additional strips measuring 1/2" x 5 1/2".

Take your A2 card and measure 2" DOWN from the score line. Cut off part of the front panel at 2". Cut the piece you trimmed off (4 1/4" x 3 1/2") into 1/2" wide segments. This will give you seven pieces. Five will be used as the horizontal slats of the lattice and two will be used for vertical support.

assembling a lattice card

To assemble your lattice card, attach two of the seven pieces (measuring 2" x 4 1/4") to the BACK of the smaller fold (as shown in the photo). These should be placed 1 1/4" from the center fold and when the card is folded shut, the bottom of these slats should line up with the bottom of the card back.

lattice card instructions

These will be the vertical supports. Then, evenly space the five slats to fill the card front.

handmade card idea lattice card tutorial

Cover the vertical support (created on the back of the card) by placing the bigger 1/2" x 5/12" pieces over the existing lattice on the front of the card to create a finished look.

creating a lattice card

Now all you need to do is decorate. You can tuck your design elements in and out of the slats.

handmade card tutorial lattice cards

If you prefer, you can cover any unsightly elements that show through the inside of the card with solid die cuts. 


design team member kate

Here's another clever card template for rubber stampers! 


  • Carol

    I am so lazy. I wish I had an SVG file of this design. I would make it in a flash, but I don’t have one. I will just admire yours. :-) Thank you for the beautiful idea!

  • Connie R.

    Lovely card idea! I can’t wait to try this out!

  • Gloria Hayes

    Where do I get the decorations for the hummingbird card?

  • DorothyA

    This is so cute! Looking forward to trying it out!

  • Lisa Lewis

    This card is absolutely beautiful. I love hummingbirds!

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