mini banner birthday present topper

Mini Banner Package Topper


mini banner package topper

There is something so special about a gift wrapped so beautifully that you are just as excited about the packaging as you are about the actual gift. Of course, this is always my goal when giving a gift and Design Team Member An has the same idea! 

design team member An with her mini banner package topper

This week An makes a mini banner package topper for a birthday present. She cut into some of the Neenah Stardream Pearlescent cardstock and fell in love with it! When the light hits this mica coated paper, it sparkles and shines and is so pretty! 


Here are An's top tips for making a mini banner:

  • As a papercrafter, you likely have all kinds of supplies on hand to dress up packages. Put them to good use and make mini banners for your packages.
  • Personalization is always a hit. Incorporate the person's name or age into your design. 
  • When working with intricate die cuts, make sure and clean up any excess adhesive before applying the die cut. It's much easier to do so before the adhesive gets on your background piece. 
  • Check out An's tips for stringing your banner without the ribbon showing.

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