Mylar Sunglasses Shaker Cake Topper

Mylar Sunglasses Shaker Cake Topper

Sunglasses shaker cake topper

I’ll start off this post with a confession. I am not an expert on making shaker cake toppers and I am certainly not known for them. That being said, I do know a thing or two about how to make them. I am going to try to share my basic knowledge about them with you all so I can share this adorable project that I’ve made using mylar paper from the shop.

In the most general sense, the shaker topper is just a cake topper with a hollow inside filled with things like sequins, glitter, flakes, balls, beads, etc. which you enclose by covering it with craft plastic, acetate, or mylar.


You don’t need a Cricut to make this project. All you would need to do is cut out the silhouette of sunglasses, then create a few outlines of those sunglasses to layer on the inside, which are used to create the hollow inside.

sunglasses shaker cake topper supplies

Here are the cutouts of what you’ll need in order to make this project. I made extra sticker silhouettes because I knew I’d have trouble placing it correctly.

making a shaker cake topper

First, get all your pieces cut out. Then, layer your sunglass outlines on top of the white sunglasses backing. Layer up the outlines with the double sided foam between each layer. If you plan to add sequin or other embellishments inside, be sure there are absolutely no gaps in the foam. Trust me when I tell you that the glitter you put inside will work hard to find a way out! 

shaker cake topper
I left the sun empty, but might go back and add sequins into that shaker object. Play around with it! If you don’t have clear sticker paper, you can omit that detail or just use paper or vinyl to create the silhouette of palm trees inside the sunglasses. If, like me, you do use the sticker paper and you have trouble getting it placed correctly, here’s what I did. Fold up the bottom half of the sticker and place that on your mylar. Very carefully remove the sticker backing from each palm tree and press it into the mylar as you go. Repeat the same steps to make the sun.
making a shaker cake topper

This project is so stinking cute if used as a photobooth prop. I am tempted to make a couple more shaker topper items using this mylar to create a summer set of photobooth props. Maybe a shaker pina colada with the yellow mylar for the pineapple and a pink tropical umbrella. Or maybe try to create a pool float with the blue mylar. And I’ll bet there is a creative way to make an ocean scene with the blue and yellow mylar. And I really want to use the pearl mylar for a mermaid theme.

bazzill mylar paper

My head has been spinning with ideas since I started these sunglasses. I hope you all try this project and create some really cool things!


design team member Naomi

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