NEW Dreaming Tree Cardstock Kits

NEW Dreaming Tree Cardstock Kits

We're thrilled to announce a collaboration between 12x12 Cardstock Shop and Dreaming Tree! So many of our cardstock customers are fans of the popular Dreaming Tree SVG files. We are making it easier for you to create these papercraft projects by offering done for you cardstock kits for some of the most popular Dreaming Tree projects. 

paper nutcracker ornament with dreaming tree svg files

Here's how the Dreaming Tree Cardstock Kits work

You'll find the Dreaming Tree Cardstock Kits here. Right now we have several of the most popular Christmas projects loaded in the shop, but more will be coming all of the time. Each kit features all of the cardstock you need to complete the project, plus a few additional sheets of the most used color (in case you run into cutting mistakes). 

dreaming tree cardstock kits

In the listing you will also find a link to the coordinating SVG files. You can browse the cardstock kits and then purchase the files you need from Dreaming Tree, so you'll have everything you need to make a paper project.

We are excited to bring you more Dreaming Tree Cardstock kits in the coming year, with projects for every season and holiday. 


  • Pauline L

    Please do more Dreaming Tree kits for those of us that are “color clumsy!” ♡

  • Bobby’s Papercraft

    Brilliant! I hope this happens for all collections going forward.

  • Misty Morgan

    Awesome! The Best of the BEST! Perfect Match!!!!!

  • Joanna Frye

    Amazing! I’ll be looking forward to some of the Halloween houses, Frosty, floral sculptures/arrangements, gift boxes, card sets, etc. What a great combination – Dreaming Tree and 12 X 12 Cardstock Shop. Brilliant idea.

  • Nora Fasano

    That is so AWESOME Thank You!!!

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