Origami Bookmark Corners Scrap Buster Project

Origami Bookmark Corners Scrap Buster Project

origami bookmark corner close up

My favorite thing to do during fall and winter is to just sit in a cozy sweater and drink tea next to a window while reveling in the beauty outside with a book. For this month’s blog post I have created these fun bookmarks. These origami bookmark corners are a very easy 10-minute project that you can create with your children. The best part of this project is that it uses up those paper scraps that we all have laying around.

origami book corner tutorial


  • Paper strips
  • 5x5 inch square computer paper, origami paper or thin patterned paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or double-sided tape.

Fold and create your bookmark as shown in the pictures below.

origami bookmark corner
1. Fold your square in half, point to point to make a triangle. 
origami bookmark corner
2. With the long edge on the left, fold one of the end points inward with the crease running from the point to point.
origami bookmark corner
3. Repeat for the other side. 
origami bookmark corners
4. Fold these two back open. Flip down just one of the top sheets and crease.
origami bookmark corner
5. To make the pocket part, fold the end points back on themselves and tuck the points into the pocket.
origami bookmark corners

Once you have created your bookmark, it is time to decorate! You can create any pattern with the Paper strips. I stacked them horizontally.

origami bookmark corner
origami bookmark corners

There, now you have a pretty bookmark for your favorite book!


Design Team Member Manasa


  • Michelle Price

    Alicia – Thank you for your feedback. In step number 2 the long edge is on the left, but as the paper is folded and unfolded it is flipped. If video is easier to follow, search “origami bookmark corner” on Youtube and there are several tutorials.

  • Alicia

    Perhaps you could repeat the pics using a darker base paper so I can see the folds better. For example, when you say “long edge on the left” – the long edge would be the hypotenuse (or the folded edge) but your picture above #4 has it on the right side….

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