how to make a rainbow cake topper

Rainbow Paper Cake Topper for Birthday

I'm primarily a card maker, but I have been so inspired by all of the paper cake topper ideas from some of the 12x12 Cardstock Shop Design Team members, that I decided to try my hand at one. My niece had a birthday and her grandma made a rainbow layered cake, so I knew just what to choose for my cake topper design. This rainbow cake topper is a fun way to celebrate someone special. 

make a rainbow cake topper with cricut

Download Rainbow Cake Topper SVG Files

If you are a Cricut or Silhouette user, you can download the free SVG files for this cake topper HERE. It includes all of the numbers 1-12.

Rainbow Cake Topper Supplies

After analyzing lots of cake toppers, I think what makes them most special is all of the layering. I tried to keep my cake topper design simple so it's more of a cake topper for beginners, but I still wanted to get the layered look, so I made sure to include that. 

Cricut Design Space Tutorial

(We are going to add the numbers you have chosen to the back shadow layer. You can skip this if you'd like. )

Let's take a little assembly pause for a Cricut Design Space tutorial. We are going to create an additional shadow layer for the number you are using. The file includes numbers 1-12, so once you have chosen the number you need, you can delete all others. 

Ungroup the file, then ungroup the rainbow.You have to ungroup a few times until you can move all of the rainbow pieces around individually.

Position the numbers you'd like to use onto the rainbow, centered.

Select just the outer shadow of the numbers you are using (the bright green layer), then use the offset tool to make another shadow layer. You can drag the slider until the shadow layer is as big as you'd like, then hit apply. 

Next, select that new layer you just created, plus the background shadow layer of the rainbow. On the bottom right of the screen, select combine, then unite. This adds the shadow of your numbers to that very back layer. 

Rainbow Cake Topper Assembly Instructions

Now we are ready to assemble. Cut out all of your pieces. There are two base rainbow pieces. One is larger than the other and is the very back piece. Set that aside for now. 


how to make a rainbow cake topper

Grab the rainbow layer that is slightly smaller and begin placing your rainbow colors on the rainbow base. 

Add the stars to the shadow layer using foam adhesive to pop them up, but don't adhere them to the rainbow yet. 

Add your chosen numbers to their shadow layer. 

how to make a paper cake topper

Next layer your assembled rainbow onto the back rainbow shadow. This will now guide you where to place the stars since there is a shadow layer. Go ahead and add them. Also add your numbers. If you have created a shadow layer, line them up. 

Next let's work on the clouds. There are two options.


how to make a rainbow cake topper

Option 1 is to layer the cut out circles to make bubble clouds. Use the shadow layer to determine where to place them. I recommend laying them all out to figure it out first and then adhering them all. 

how to use mini pearls on a craft project

Option 2 is to use our pearl rhinestones and layer them onto the cloud shadow layer. This is time consuming but fun. I used the Unicorn Pearl Kit for this and just started in the center and began placing them next to each other, working my way out. 

how to make a cake topper for beginners

Whatever cloud option you choose, finish up the clouds and adhere to the topper. 

Flip over your cake topper and hot glue paper straws to the back for a stand. 


michelle price bits & pieces paper lab

Here's another one of our favorite cake toppers.


  • Ellen

    This is such a great project! And luckily for me, my granddaughter is turning 10. :-)

  • Ellie

    Can’t wait to have a birthday to celebrate. This will really add to the occasion!

  • Annette Seletzky

    This is beautiful! I am definitely going to make it for my granddaughter’s birthday, she’ll be so excited. Thank you!

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