Stacked Dinosaur Cake Topper

Stacked Dinosaur Cake Topper

Stacked dinosaur cake topper

Hi, Naomi here!

If you follow me on Instagram you might already know that I sell A LOT of dinosaur themed party decorations. When I decided to design this centerpiece, I knew instantly that I would have to use Bazzill Card Shoppe. The colors are awesome, and the paper is 110# weight so it is truly the best option for sturdy designs. This centerpiece is just over 15” tall and the thickness of the paper adds the durability that this project needed.

Bazzill Card Shoppe


I used Cricut Design Space for all my images but you can use any images available to you. You can find images of dinosaurs online, trace the outline of your design onto black poster board, and cut it by hand. If you look up the images individually, search these codes and be sure to include the # in your search . The images will not come up in Design Space if you don’t include the #.

Pincaosaurus #M327CB66F, Pterodactyl #M327CB685, Styracaceous #M327CB6AB, and Tyrannosaurus #M327CB6B5.

Here is the link to open the project in Design Space. Make sure you are logged into Design Space and open it on a desktop.

stacked dinosaur cake topper

Dimensions: The finished centerpiece is approximately 11.5” wide and 15.3” tall.

How to assemble:

  • Assembly is actually really easy! Cut out all your pieces. I set my Cricut to Kraft Board with more pressure and I let it do two pass throughs before ejecting the paper. I used the exact same settings to cut the poster board.
  • Cut the poster board down to 12” wide place it on a 12x24 mat.
  • Once you have the pieces cut, lay them out close to where they will go. After you have assembled each dinosaur separately, set them aside.
  • Use double sided foam adhesive to attach the main dino pieces together. (You can add even more back pieces to create additional durability. Or you could also trace the design onto cardboard and cut it with an exacto blade if you want it to be very, very durable.) For my purposes, I prefer the foam adhesive because it doesn’t add too much weight while, at the same time, adds stability.
  • Attach the dinosaurs to the black poster board backing.
stacked dinosaur cake topper

The heavy-weight Bazzill Card Shoppe plus the poster board backing makes this super sturdy and it stands tall on it's own! 

stacked dinosaur cake topper
design team member. naomi


  • Deborah Wolfington

    Love the dinosaur cake toppper



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