Valentine Candy Box made with cardstock

Valentine Candy Box

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you'll love this small Valentine's Candy Box that is very simple to make. It is just big enough to give a small token of your appreciation to the people that brighten your day, every day. I found the SVG and PDF Format for this box here at Simply Crafty SVG's.


valentine dimensional paper pie box

You can either use the SVG and cut it out with your electric cutting machine or use the PDF and print it out and fussy cut it out with scissors. Let's get started!


Small Candy of your choice
Either an Electric Cutting Machine or a Printer
Scissors (if using the PDF)
Glue of your choice
12 Inch Paper Trimmer

how to make a valentine pie box
I am using the SVG in this tutorial.  Place the pattern onto your virtual cutting mat to cut.
how to make a valentine candy box
I chose Echo Park's Love Story Collection for my Valentine's Candy Box.  The Cardstock I chose from the collection was 1 sheet of Snapshot #LS40007.
how to make a valentine candy box with cardstock
Cut, with your paper trimmer, a 6X8 inch piece of Snapshot cardstock and place it on your mat.
how to make a valentine box out of paper
Place it in your cutting machine to cut out the base of the Candy Box.
valentine candy box svg
Using White Glitter Cardstock, trim with your trimmer, a 5x5 inch piece of the glitter cardstock. Placing the top and bottom portion of the pattern onto your virtual cutting mat you are ready for the next step.
white glitter cardstock on a cricut machine mat
After placing the glitter cardstock onto the mat, cut the pieces in your electric cutting machine.
white glitter cardstock
Make sure to gently push back the diamonds out of the heart for this has a tendency to tear if you push forward.
how to make a dimensional heart box
To start assembly, Taking your base, fold inwards or towards the backside of the cardstock at all the score lines.
using art glitter glue for dimensional paper boxes
Once all your score lines are folded, put glue on the two small tabs.
Glue on the second one also.
Folding the two squares inward, I found that laying the heart flat on the table and glueing the squares flat onto the heart onto the table was how I got the best hold.
valentine pie box tutorial
Picking the box back up onto the bottom area, put glue onto the large side tab.
valentine pie box tutorial
Once you have glue on the large side tab, gently lay over the large square onto the flap you just put glue on.  Make sure to line it up perfectly SQUARE.  No overlap.
how to make a valentine box out of paper
This was the way I found easiest to glue the large square above down.  I picked it up and put my finger inside and rubbed the tab smooth until it was dry.
Now you are left with the opening to put your small goodies in.  DO NOT GLUE THIS SHUT.
making a valentine candy box
Apply glue to the overlay heart. Lay the overlay heart over the base heart and press it lightly.  I found turning the heart face down on the desk and rubbing it on the desk was the easiest way.
Turning the box around, Put glue on the back of the box square.
how to make a paper heart box
Again, turning the heart desk down, glue the box part to the heart rubbing the inside of the box to securely glue it together.
Put glue on the back of the rectangle glitter cardstock, glue it to the top of the box behind the heart.
Element stickers applied to DIY Valentine Candy Box
Echo Park's Love Story element sheet has a lot of nice elements.  I choose stickers to put on the back of the box to top my box off.Even though the element stickers are "stickers", I also put glue on the back of them since I was putting them on top of glitter cardstock. 
filling a valentine candy box with candy
My final step was the fun part of filling it with 4 little Hersey's Kisses.
valentine heart shaped candy box filled with treats

Here is a final look at my Valentine Candy Box. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and most of all I hope my Valentine's enjoy them!



  • Chark

    Great size and cute project. Maybe banners or little gifts you can make?

  • SANDI B.

    Loved the candy box. The tutorial was very well put together. Easy to follow. I might make some for my three grandkids for Valentine’s Day.

  • Cathy B

    Its very sweet and I would love similar projects that are a little easier to do.

  • Megan

    So cute! Love the paper choice.

  • Rebecca Linke

    This project is cute and perfect for valentine treats!

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