A Valentine's Day Card Tutorial That Will Make Your Valentine Swoon

A Valentine's Day Card Tutorial That Will Make Your Valentine Swoon

If you're like me, you've waited until the last minute to make your Valentine their card.  When we are done here, leave me a comment below and let me know that I am not alone here!  HAHAHA!

I am going to show you a quick and easy Valentine's Day card tutorial that you just can't pass up! I wish I could take full credit but I saw this on Pinterest last year and saved it, but unfortunately I didn't save the link.  If this is your card or you know whose it is, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

Here is the card we are going to make:

You can find a free scallop heart SVG file for this project here courtesy of Printable Cuttable Creatables.. 

Start by cutting (3) 2.5" scalloped hearts out of red leaving the center intact. Then cut (3) 2.5" hearts without the scallop in white, so that they layer nicely. I used AC Cardstock, in Crimson Red  and AC Cardstock in Precision White.  I did mine on the Cameo 3 in Scal.  Then you figure out your layers of the card and cut the scalloped top layer out also.  Set them aside.  

Once you have set aside your pieces, you want to cut a 5.5" x 4.25" white base in AC Cardstock In Precision White .  The next layer is a  a 5.25" x 4" layer of AC Cardstock Crimson Red.  Tape or glue, (whichever is your preference) 

the two layers together with the red on top.  I find tape is better with cards because it doesn't warp the cardstock. Follow up with the scalloped layer you previously cut out. For this layer, I did take some red ink and inked the edges.

Once you have your layers taped together, add a ribbon of your choice. I had this pretty red heart ribbon, and my ATG tape fits perfectly on the back.  I just rolled the adhesive down my ribbon, laid it on the card a bit up from the scallop turned it over and then wrapped it around the edges.

I then ran tape across the back and the back of the ribbon to lay it down on the layers.  (Until I went to post, I did not notice my ribbon was a bit crooked.  We won't pay attention to that!  HAHAHA!)

Here is my layers with my first ribbon band on.  I decided I needed a bow.

I had the same ribbon but in white so I used that to accent the red ribbon.

I ran my middle white piece of the heart through a XO embossing folder, used rhinestones on the left and twine from Trendy Twine on the right.  I then staggered the hearts and taped them on.

Taking an old Studio G Series 26 Sentiment, I stamped the sentiment on the bottom right corner thinking it was very fitting for the hearts.

Using a Sentiment from C. C. Designs Sweet Pixie Collection, Cupid Swissie, I finished the inside of the card.

The items I used from 12 X 12 Cardstock Shop were as follows:

AC Cardstock Crimson Red

AC Cardstock Precision White

I hope you enjoyed this quick and fun card!

Happy Valentine's Day!



  • 12x12 Cardstock Shop

    You can find free heart SVG files here: https://www.printablecuttablecreatables.com/product/valentines-day-hearts-free-svg-cut-files-clipart/?
    The previous link left in the comments is no longer active.

  • Doni Wright

    I just found your lovely Valentine Card on 12×12 Cardstock, and I was also wondering about the scallop. I just wanted to let you know the “https” no longer works.
    If you would, since some of us are going to find the Valentine Card every year, make the “https” active again.
    Thanks so much, Doni

  • Jean marmo

    Lovely card


    Jill, see my above answer to Kim. It is an SVG. Please follow the link to a free SVG of a scalloped heart.

    You will have to copy and past the link into your browser.

    Hope this helps you both! DT Christi

  • Christi

    Kim, I own a Cameo but if I am correct you can still use SVG’s in you maker. Here is a link for a free SVG for a scalloped heart. https://us.v-dn.net/5012508/uploads/FileUpload/7d/1409f3406f16100e34bf21ec732ab4.svg

    Hope this helps. DT Christi

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