Which Cardstock Cuts Best on a Cricut or Silhouette Machine?

Which Cardstock Cuts Best on a Cricut or Silhouette Machine?

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Incomplete cuts, torn and smashed corners and peeling layers of paper are a few of the common problems when you are getting started with a new Cricut or Silhouette machine. Although other factors can cause these issues, it most often is the fault of the paper. Knowing which cardstock cuts best will save you so much money (and your sanity) in the long run! 

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All paper is created in a similar process, but not all paper is created equal. There are a few key factors that make a huge difference when you are cutting into it. First, most cardstock starts with wood pulp and then a number of other fibrous pulps are added to that in different ratios. The type and ratios make a big difference in the outcome. And second, as part of the final finishing stage, some papers are coated to give them a certain texture or sheen and this also affects quality cutting.

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The best cardstock for cutting is less fibrous than most and does not contain any coatings that have a plastic base. When test cutting papers you will notice some that just do not cut cleanly and there are generally two main problems that occur with your cuts. The first problem is when you have super smooth cuts in some areas, but then see tears at the corners or in random spots. This is likely due to some of the fibers being too big or too mushy. You might also notice spots that peel apart in layers. Peeling is generally due to a top coating.

A head to head test of the two largest brands of cardstock, American Crafts and Bazzill shows that one brand is a clear winner when it comes to cutting? So, does American Crafts or Bazzill cut better? Here are my cutting results.

bazzill mono test cut

How does Bazzill Mono Cut?

My first cut was Bazzill Mono. I am using a brand new mat on a Cricut Maker. The Maker is one of the most powerful cutting machines on the market and I specifically chose it with the thought that it has the capability to cut these papers easily, so any issues would likely be cardstock related. That was my super scientific analysis anyways. The Bazzill Mono did not cut well. I had jags and tears at the corners and in some of the smaller spots. I also noticed several spots where the top layer was peeling. It’s just not a good look for a professional looking card. For reference I used the medium weight cardstock setting on the Cricut Maker as Bazzill Mono is 85# weight.

bazzill smoothies test cut

How does Bazzill Smoothies cut?

My next cut was Bazzill Smoothies. I had high hopes for this one given the smooth texture. However, it just did not do well. There were several places where the corners were torn a bit as if the blade skipped or dragged. In addition, when I tried to peel it off the mat, there were many areas that were not cut all the way through despite double cutting. I initially cut on a medium cardstock weight setting, but then tried again on a heavy weight cardstock setting, but got the same results. 

bazzill card shoppe test cut

How Does Bazzill Card Shoppe Cut?

Next I cut Bazzill Card Shoppe. This is one of my favorite papers to work with as it is nice and heavy and has such a professional finish. This paper cut perfectly on a heavy weight card stock setting since this paper is 100# weight. The only downfall of Bazzill Card Shoppe is that it is more expensive than the other options.

american crafts precision cardstock test cuts

How does American Crafts Textured Precision Cardstock Cut?

Next up was American Crafts Precision Cardstock which has a texture similar to the Bazzill Mono. I used the same settings and same mat as the Bazzill, but this cut perfectly. Even the tiny flower loops did so well. I was not expecting it to cut this well, as I choose an intricate, complicated cutting file, but I was really impressed. I used the medium weight cardstock setting on the Cricut Maker.

american crafts smooth with title

How does American Crafts Smooth Cardstock Cut?

My final test cut was American Crafts Smooth Cardstock. This cut really well and had just one small snag. As I was peeling it off the mat I did notice a few spots where I had to help the pieces out of the cut a bit. That’s not unusual and it didn’t affect the finished cut at all, but just something that I thought I’d mention. Again, I used the medium weight cardstock setting.

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Which cardstock cuts best on a Cricut or Silhouette machine?

All in all, here are my rankings from best to worst cardstock.

American Crafts Textured Precision Cardstock: Cuts the best and has the texture so many people love.

Bazzill Card Shoppe: Cuts well and lifts cleanly off the mat. The heavier weight actually means smaller, intricate cuts don’t flop or bend inward.

American Crafts Smooth Cardstock: Cuts pretty well and is a good smooth option if you don’t want the extra expense of Bazzill Card Shoppe.

Bazzill Mono: Does not cut well. Corners tear and layers lift and it does not result in clean cuts.

Bazzill Smoothies: Surprisingly this cut even worse than the Bazzill Mono. It did not cut all the way through, yet tore in some spots. 

Hope this is helpful when deciding what cardstock to order! 


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  • Laurie R

    Great blog post!!! When my machine mutilated the paper during a cut job, I began to think it was the paper but also that I was crazy ;-} I also thought my paper was “too old” so I bought new. Same things were happening. After reading your post I was glad to find out it wasn’t my imagination or performing operator error too many times to count. I’m off to buy an AC Percision pack along with Bazzill Card Shoppe. Thank you :-)

  • Karen

    I love American Crafts Precision paper for my Silhouette Cameo as well. One of my favorite designers Nic Squirrell recommended it and I have been so happy with the results.

  • Michelle Price

    I’m a cardmaker too so getting clean folds is important to me too. Bazzill Card Shoppe (which is 100lb) does not do well with freehand folds. It tends to crack. I also sometimes have issues with folding Bazzill Bling, but all other Bazzill and American Crafts paper folds well for me. Hope that’s helpful!

  • Michelle Price

    To answer your question, I choose the Cricut Maker because it is one of the most powerful machines on the market. Both Silhouette and Cricut work in a similar manner when cutting cardstock so I am assuming the results would be similar on both machines.

  • Gloria Mandery

    Thank you. I iive in a small town and Joanns is the only place to buy paper. They do carry Bazzill and I have had great success cutting some and disastrous results with other sheets. After reading your article I went to the Bazziill site and now know which colors come in the different lines of cardstock. This is tremendously helpful!

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